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In order to begin the process of recovering your overwithheld taxes you must meet the following requirements:


you are legally working in Germany


or you have legally worked in Germany in the past 4 fiscal years


and you kept your fiscal documents issued by your employer*

*the most important fiscal document is Lohnsteuerbescheiningung

Poza Germania

From Germany you can recover:

the overwithheld income tax

allowances for children - Kindergeld

fiscal support given for spouse

expenditures used for work purposes (transportation, rent, etc.)

*The average tax refund recovered by a client last year was 1,170 EUR. We offer you a free tax refund estimate! You do not have to pay anything until you receive your tax refund. The average time to receive your tax refund is 4-6 months from the filing date with the Tax Office in Germany.

Do you meet all the requirements indicated above?

If so, please complete the form and one of our consultants will contact you shortly.

We only work with authorized agents by the Tax Office.

We believe that it is crucial to work with an authorized agent by the Tax Office because they know the fiscal legislation practiced in Germany and can provide assurance that the tax refund process is done in a legal manner.

For example, if your employer has placed you into a less advantageous taxation category, the authorized agents can help you to recover the maximum allowed amount that would be owed to you.

What are your benefits when collaborating with us?

Requesting tax refunds from the Germany authorities is not a simple procedure.


Your personal file

In order to claim a tax refund it is necessary to prepare a personal file with the following: documents from your employer, completed and signed fiscal forms, statement of earned income and income taxes paid in Germany, statement of earned income in Romania, family status declaration, EU/EWR certificate.

Please note that your file is not transferred to other intermediaries, as it is filed directly with the Tax Office in Germany , where the files may be registered only by the Steuerberater agencies.

By following this protocol, the file is not misplaced, and the shortest processing time is guaranteed.


Authorized agent

Some people may choose to prepare and file their own tax returns, or they may ask help from their acquaintances, accountants, or lawyers.

Worth noting is that these persons may be able to recover for you only the overwithheld taxes, however with the help of an authorized agent you may be able to obtain more tax benefits.

The authorized agent represents the client at the Tax Office, signs documents on behalf of the client, and is accountable for the quality and accuracy of the file.

The authorized agent communicates with the Tax Office, takes charge of any delays, or clarifies any issues, and checks the tax refund received from the Tax Office against the estimated amount.



The Tax Office analyzes the file and may request additional documents or clarifications.

You would have to provide a response in German, within 30 days from the filing date.

Fata cu inima in mana

Take advantage of more tax deductions

Each country has its own taxation categories (single non-resident, married non-resident, non-resident with dependents, resident, etc.).

The difference between taxation categories is based on the deductions that one may be able to claim, for example: a married resident with children, may be able to obtain more fiscal benefits than a non-married resident.


Children's allowance from Germany

Children with parents working legally in Germany may benefit from the German children's allowance, regardless of whether they reside in Romania or Germany. They must be no older than 25 years of age, be enrolled in the educational system, and under the care of the allowance claimant.

The allowance for one child is 184 EUR/month, and increases with each additional child, reaching to 215 EUR/month for the fourth child.

The children's allowance from Germany may be requested for the last 6 calendar months.

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We always choose trustworthy partners to serve your needs.

In order to ensure that you will recover the maximum tax refund in the shortest time possible, we only collaborate with agents authorized by the Tax Office in Germany.

Required documents for child allowance from Germany:

fiscal form Lohnsteuerbescheiningung

payslips Abrechnung

the German social security number Sozialversicherungnummer